18 Awesome Facts About Human Psychology

18 Awesome Facts About Human Psychology

April 26, 2018 0 By abnidaala

There are many unknown facts about human are revealed in some researches what scientists did. They are shocking but we can learn something from it. And by that, we can read a person like an open book.
So here the 18 facts what human psychology says about a human.
1.To make a habit we must repeat that think around 65 days. After that, it makes a permanent habit.

2.A girl is extremely funny from a boy and they crack jokes anywhere cause they don’t care what other peoples think about that.

3.When someone handshake with you with his both hands that subconsciously shows that he is respecting you.

4.When you talk with someone while standing look at there toes. If they are not facing towards you that means he/she want to leave the conversation.

5.When many peoples are in one room every single person look at that person who he/she likes.

6.Our mind can bear 13 billion singles in one second and if it overloads we feel sleepy or pain.

7.A human can read something attentively at least 40 seconds after that they start to lose it.

8.The friendships what we make around the age of 12 -18 lasts longer than any friendships.

9.When we sleep at least we dream like 1400-1500.
But when we wake up we remember highly one of them and after 14 seconds we started to lose them.

10.Sometimes many think that we over think and we can’t stop thinking of them but if we write them we can easily stop thinking about them.

11.When we listen to songs of high frequency our brain feels most relaxed.

12.What we think before we sleep many of times we saw them in dreams.

13.In the darkness, our body feels the most thrilling but we turn off the lights before we sleep.

14.If we think anything and sleep our brain don’t stop that process and repeatedly think of it and after that when we wake up in morning we feel pain in our body. Cause our brain was working all the night.

15.With our mind control, we can eat the spiciest chili of the world and it will taste like sweets. That means thinks what related to our body we can control it totally.
16.Every human got hidden strength but how they think they feel exactly like that.

17.When someone saw or listen to something that is motivational they think about that in that meantime after 8 minutes 25 seconds they again feel lazy.

18.The think what changes the like of a man is jealousy. Cause they feel if he/she got it I will also try but everyone says jealousy is a bad thing to do but human psychology says its good.

Credit:Tasin Rahman

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