Best Makeup Tips For Festive Seasons

Best Makeup Tips For Festive Seasons

March 31, 2019 0 By Twuhid

Fest Season came to an end with all the waiting. We have arranged so much for this season of festivals, so many purchases, so much racism. On this day, being a little tidy with a new dress is not particularly special. It’s a little more beautiful for us to show a little bit more about ourselves than others. And for this, we do not do much! But with some rules and make-up, you can make yourself a great makeup like a parlor. So let’s know about some great techniques of makeup.

1) Clean the skin

First, make the skin for makeup. Wash your face with good quality Fais WAS or cleaner. In this, all of your muck dirt will go away and makeup will be well mixed with your skin.

2) Moisturizing

Mask around the forehead, nose, face, and eyes with light cream or lotion. Wait 15-20 minutes so that the lotion or cream mixes with the skin. An important part of the makeup.

3) Foundation

After the cleaning of the skin will begin the makeup phase. Perfect makeup starts with a good base. The first condition of the base is to use the Foundation according to its skin. The Foundation has to choose one or two shades of light from its own shade. The light color will show the skin bright. Shedding requires dark color. Apply the free foundation to your skin shed. So makeup sits well. If the face is oily, add powder foundation.

4) Console

The consular spots your face, the ink below the eye covered. If you want to buy a consumer in combination with your skin tone, start from half the shade of your foundation. Use a black shadow light but black undeniable converter than your foundation to remove blame/blackness of the skin. If you have dark circles in your eyes, then choosing a green or yellow color concierge will work better. However, if you can use acne marks, black spots under the eyes, but the consular will not be used.

5) Face Powder

Brush the face powder in full face with a big makeup brush. Set the base by placing the powder with a powder puff or a powdered powder, by placing it on a low base.

6) Eye makeup

Eyes turn up after the beds. Eye Primer Day in the eyes above the eye at the start of the eye. Then you have to give a shadow. You can give two or three shade shirts with Dres. To add extra beauty you can use a brown eyeshadow.

7) False lashes

Artificial petals do not have to attach both eyes to the eyes and make them mysterious. Artificial petals of various lengths and designs are available in the market. Some types of lasers can be used according to the choice.

8) The Aliner

Then the eyeliner’s eyes will be down or down. Liquid, gel, the pencil can use any type of Kleiner. You can use Kajal as an alternative to the Rainer. If you want to give it a little bit of oleander, you can give it once after drying the first itinerary.

9) Maskcara

The turn of the Maskcara after the liner. To make eye-catching, there is a need to concentrate. Once the Maskcara leaves, keep the Maskcara again. When the pearls should be placed on top of the upper eyelid. The papas should not move with one another. Brill the eyebrow with an eyebrow pencil and then brush it with a dry brush.

10) The arrangement of the eyebrows

Brush the eyebrow with an eyebrow pencil and then brush it with brush and dry brush. If you want to have a natural look in the eyebrow, choose the color of an eyebrow from the color of the eye and light it on the eyebrow. Then take a light eyebrow with that color of the Kajal. Next, fix the shape of the eyebrow with eyebrows.

11) Lipstick

Clean the lips before giving the lipstick. Then lighten the lip left or the vaseline. Wait 50 seconds. If Vaseline or Leap Left Dry, then Lipstick Day. Better if you give a matte lipstick to the lips in the day. You can use heavy lipgloss at night. For keeping the lipstick long for the lips, first, make a shade from the lipstick to make the lips with a dark shade. Lipstick will not spread in it. Now you have to press down with the tissue. If you have powder in hand, then press the lid with the powder.

12) Blasting

Blushing is to be used when the finish comes to an end. You can use pink or pitch colors as the color of the light. People of bright color can use dark shade bladder for light shade blues and dark green skin.