A Cold Snow Day

A Cold Snow Day

April 4, 2019 0 By Twuhid

In the beginning, there were at least two snow storms. This year is much better than that. Suddenly, it seems to be an old snow storm.

Then two months new America. The storm will start from 21st January 2014 till the next day. The way is not too much sugar. Need a job too. The first call came from a mobile store in Midtown Manhattan. Meanwhile, weather warnings are going on, snow storms are going on. On January 3, the first snowfall in the snowstorm fell far behind the Heil Side Avenue. Not only me, if you look at the snow, first of all, think, like reading in the first love. It is said that there is no sensation in excitement. But I did not do anything to be ashamed. But I have come out to give an interview.

I came to school in the morning. Kids are Yishaya and Tiass. We used to stay together with those Bengali families. Beside the school home. After that Manhattan Most of the time, I came in two. There is no problem if you can not, Tiasa comes with Mom. At the end of the interview, the train was about half past. The storm probably started at 12 am. The interview looks good so the severe blow of the snow seems to be pleasant. But inside-the-girl looks unstable.

Although the school is closed in another state, there is not much in New York. It has human reason. That is the food provided for school children in the morning and afternoon. There are many children in the public school where there is no food in the family, they have a lot of food in the school. The adequate cloth arrangements to cope with storms are becoming more and less common in this country. On the way, many mothers are taking children to the crawler. In the body of the body, on the chair, as well as the polythene over pinned with the chair. Rainfall, they’re not worried about snow falling. The children here have been accustomed since birth. So if not something very big, school is not easily closed.

Walking with clockwise strings The up-town down-town train for beginners is like a huge puzzle game. Due to the absence of a mistake, the mistake of the wrong train becomes very large. There was no mistake, instead of a six-train train I got on the train and instead, it would be up for F. Although the speed of the storm from the subway is not understood, the appearance of the human being is predicted. Increasing tension is increasing in this direction. When I came to a stop, I received a call from Tias’ mother, Farid, and Sharmin. There are no signals, so I can not make calls. I became nervous.

The child comes to the water with irritation thinking. I forgot to change the train. Jamaica JFK Archer Avenue to look down on the dark eyes. That’s why it’s a little dark and subway station made in tunnels. Where does the F train? The only f-train goes to my house. The head is not working. I thought I would go back, I got an e-train after a while. Did not go back Went ahead. Down at the Jamaican Center absolutely at the center. On top, I saw the article ‘Person’s Boulevard’. I got up and stood up a bit. Asking a gentleman what the PS86 Person’s boulevard asked, he went straight to the escalator, walk straight on.

I’m afraid to be afraid. It seemed as if walking through the form of an infinite ocean. The eyes are wetting the eyes of the girl. Snow falling. When you reach the feet, the knees are going up to the knees. Called Farid to get service on the phone. She said, ‘I’m taking Ishma and the girl out of school, where are you?’ I came in around 89 Avenue. From the side of the church, I can see the upper part of the school. So I got back to life. Called Tia’s mother, where Farid brought her daughter, where is she? We reached the school and the house round about. He did not get the phone. If you are fired then you can be locked in the house. Let’s get them on the way.

How did Farid know that I was not at home? After listening to the school I heard that he went. But he can not say in the office the class or his teacher’s name. So she called the wife Sharmin. Sharmin knew a week ago on Facebook I posted a post with a class teacher’s photo. From there, the class teacher took the name of Miss Miller and called on his phone number to give them. He was the guardian after me. Tiash, Esha Tiass’s mother called on this side, she also thought of a troubled girl. Because I can not even get me. Both husband and wife are trapped in two ways. Ozone went to the maternal uncle’s house in the park, mama was dropped by the car. After halfway, the car does not last. I assured them, I’m here.

The news was published in large numbers in the New York Times. It was a terrible day for all the pedestrians and parents.

Americans say, ‘Its horrible Snow is cute for only a little bit “. It is not false. Tiasa Ishaa, both of whom have fallen in the footsteps of the school. Snow has become like Fosca in the face. Frost byte in both hands! After giving both the hot shower and on the extra room heater. Honey, hot oil all moved. The cold levels were -15 ° C. In the afternoon the snow level increased further. One hour in an hour.

However, the next day the mayor announced the closure of the school. All night the snow rains When I got up in the morning, I saw four sides covered with white sheets. The accustomed Snow is as close as the forbidden love. We did not forget to create Snow Man the next day.