Can Anyone Become Famous

Can Anyone Become Famous

June 6, 2018 0 By abnidaala

If someone asks me can anyone become famous? I tell them, “In theory, yes. In practice, no.” By absolute definition, being famous means that you are recognized more easily compared to the majority of the mass population. Fame certainly has its own perks, and you’ll find there are many paths to get to the fame. If you do dream of becoming very famous one day, I’m telling you, you’re not alone. Millions of people are driven to do what they should do with a desire to be in the limelight. There is a popular saying that many peoples have their 15 minutes of fame and then disappear from the view.

Can Anyone Become Famous !

To be famous for more than just a few days you really need to be an exceptionally talented moral human who through exceptional achievements continues to be in the public spotlight or limelight for a relatively long duration. You can not become famous for no reason and You typically can’t stay renowned or supported by one hit song, one viral picture, one written book, or one popular something. Desperate celebrities aren’t that proficient to maintain their fame by adding infamy and obtaining concerned in failing relationships, illicit behavior, and substance or misuse.

A lot of people get famous. But lasting fame is given freely only to those who achieved or contributed something outstanding, and of tangible benefit to many people, and for a long time. You cannot force fame to be given to you just because you crave it. So You Think You Can Be Famous?

What does it take to get your 15 minutes of fame?


I think it ought to be noted that fame comes in more than one type or form. There is fame with wealth, fame or celebrity with or without popularity, fame with or without historical importance, etc.

There are persons who come at the right historical time, who can be innovators, thinkers, scientists, reformers, creators, political leaders or rulers, who change the lives and ways of thinking or behaving of lots of people, and who accomplish great deeds and achievements. These persons have (historical) greatness and historical importance. Their ideas or actions may be accepted slowly or progressively, but they will be recognized for their contributions and accomplishments and will be remembered for centuries.
Everywhere, many young musicians, radio and television personalities and actors yearn for success and to become famous, but how many of them realize that rewards always come at a cost. Many have had to trade their privacy for fame. To climb the success ladder, musicians and other celebrities risk an imbalance in life and work.

People like Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Dwayne Johnson, Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr., Rowan Sebastian Atkinson, Donald Trump and many others, earned fame within their countries and outside because of their natural talents. They did not seek out to be famous. Fame came to them naturally.
In any case, there are some youngsters who will take any necessary steps to accomplish fame. Their desire is to investigate every possibility in on request to end up celebrated. They will hustle their way into the music world either by getting to be individuals from bunches absent much ability to appear for it or driving their way into getting to be radio DJs and TV moderators with a specific end goal to wind up well known.
There are two kinds of people who get famous on the Internet. One is people with money to invest in publicity, and the other is random people who innocently or cunningly post a video on YouTube or other social media and it goes viral in a totally unexpected manner. Rebecca Black actually paid a few thousand dollars to produce her music vid, but she belongs in the latter category because a one-time 3k investment pales in comparison to what many young and not so young people pay publicists who make sure they are photographed and on the wires and in tabloids every month. And money alone won’t make you famous, you have to dress up and work out and pose and go to these parties all the time. This is if you live in rich countries.
But seriously speaking, these are the thing that can make anyone famous:

  1. Innate intelligence
  2. Talent
  3. More practice
  4. A less common physical trait that can be considered beautiful

On the other hand, if everybody can truly be famous, it will mean that the society’s popularity bell curve will eventually be flat, up to the point where nobody will be more famous than the rest, diluting the very definition of famous.

In practice, in any field you enter, you will always find someone who is “better” than you. This is where other factors come into play, which makes being famous difficult:

  • Politics
  • Wealth
  • Network, connections
  • Situational advantage

How To Maintain The Fame That Anyone Has Received?

“Fame doesn’t fulfill you. It warms you a bit, and that warmth is temporary.” ~ Marilyn Monroe

With fame, comes higher expectations, requirements, and responsibilities.
You will have an increase in status (which is always good!), but you have to carefully manage it. You’re more conscious of what you do, say, and act.
The healthiest path is leveraging your status to improve the well being, productivity, and health of those around you. Within reason.
Many celebrities have a difficult time in adjusting to their fame and popularity. The list is endless of celebrities who have let the fame get to their heads and became addicted to drugs and alcohol, grown enormous egos, and pushed everyone who was once close to them away.
Most of us wanted to rise in our own fame and prominence. We want the world to recognize our efforts and importance in our field of endeavors. However, with the sudden rise of fame and popularity comes to the pressure in maintaining it.

How do we get the most out of fame?

Favorable Consequences of Fame

  • Economic status improvement – Luxurious possessions, enviable lifestyle
  • Recognition and popularity whenever you interact with the public
  • Invitations to the most exclusive gatherings and functions
  • Sought after, worshiped and emulated by thousands
  • Fans who encourage, support and write to you, making you feel important and wanted
  • These are indeed coveted prizes. But there is a scary downside to fame that eats into the lives of many.

Why fame harms

  • Fan following, mail and intrusion of privacy can become intimidating after some time
  • Those who want what you have will stay by your side only until they get it—sincere and helpful companions will become a rarity
  • Security issues, maintenance of image, lack of privacy for yourself and family, and the inability to let go of new luxuries you become accustomed to are other areas of concern
  • Being the butt of jokes and gossip
  • Inability to cope with sudden change of lifestyle leads to substance abuse
  • Handling the overwhelming emotional roller-coaster ride fame brings along with it is the secret of maintaining equanimity in fame.


No matter how much people love you today, always keep in mind that it won’t last. Your popularity is finite. You’re bound to lose the fame that you’ve worked hard and someone better than you will take over your position soon. So before that happens, make the most out of it. Take projects that interests and challenge you. Work hard and give your best in every opportunity given to you.

Aside from that, engage in charity works or volunteer groups you wished to support. There’s nothing more gratifying and fulfilling than to help other people and make the world a better place after you’re done achieving all your ambitions in life.


With the rise of your popularity comes with the rise of many friends. And some of them, are, shall we say, the bad and fake ones. When you’re popular, anyone would want to come with you. Some of them are an opportunist and will use the fame you work so hard to climb their own ladder. Worst, they will leave you behind once you’re no longer popular.

And certainly, you wouldn’t want to associate yourself with that kind of friends. So choose your circles wisely. Choose those friends who will love, accept, and support you for who you are. Choose those who are genuine in making connections with you. Who will be there with you to support you in every step of the way, for the better or for the worst?

There are a few reasons why it’s really difficult for celebrities to make new friends.

1. They typically have lots of old friends they have to work really hard to keep up with. As Zach Davidson noted, it’s hard for anyone to make new close friends.  Celebrities have a whole ton of people who have supported them, helped them grow and become who they are, and befriended them alog their journey. It’s really hard to keep up with all these people, let alone add new ones to the group.

2. Celebrities are absurdly busy. A year or so ago I met up with one of my friends while he was stopping through town on tour. His day looked like this:

  • Arrive at city on tour bus
  • Work out for 2 hours
  • Have a quick bite
  • Go on stage for noon show
  • Sign autographs for 4 hours
  • Perform a feature at night show
  • Eat dinner while bring interviewed
  • Perform late night club show
  • Go to the next city

This was his day, everyday. In music especially, there is a pressure to tour tour tour to take advantage of fame when it strikes

3. People tend to form relationships out of mutual interest, proximity, shared experience etc. In the absence of these factors, it’s possible but HIGHLY unlikely that two people will begin to form or manage to cultivate a successful relationship.  Celebrities travel constantly, have wildly different experiences than normal people (how often do you have strangers asking to pose for pictures when you eat out?) and different problems. It’s hard to connect

4. You can never be seen as frustrated, angry or anything other than happy and glowing. This is really tiring, especially if you aren’t naturally an extrovert. This means you’re acting most of the time you meet new people. It’s very hard to forge substantive relationships when you’re acting.

5. People treat you differently when you’re famous. They suck up to you, actively avoid you, talk behind your back, try extra hard to please you etc. Different people react differently to celebrities. It’s tough to know if people want to be your friend because they really like you or because they like who they think you are.

It’s not impossible for celebrities to make close friends, these reasons just make it a lot harder.