The House On The Tree

The House On The Tree

April 4, 2019 0 By Twuhid

A proverb says Hobby horses are more expensive than Arabian stallions. Hobbies are such things that force any old man to be boyish, girlish. As human thought differentiates a person from others, different people of different people also differentiate people. There were some hobbies of famous people in the world, some of which were really weird.
Infamous Adolf Hitler was one of Germany’s finest violinists during his time. There was a strange nature in him. After every killing he directed, he used to play the violin and apologized for the killing. If this hobby sounds ruthless, then Leonardo de Vinci’s hobby will surely impress you. The artist, renowned for his famous ‘Monalisa’ painting and his mysterious smile, did not buy or sell various species of birds from the market. His hobby was to buy birds from the market and get rid of them.

A Famous Poet, Rabindranath Tagore’s hobby was a collection of different types of pens. It is strange that with all those pens, he did not even scratch anything. And the scientist was a weird son-in-law of Mike. In 365 days of the year, he used to throw kites on the sea coast. If one day it was dropped for any reason, he could not sleep on that day.

In the story, there are stories of cows on the tree. The ancient people settled in the forest. The tree branches were their dwelling place. The result was food. And there was a dream. There is no scope of the human dream. If you are not able to do anything together, then the dream disappears. But there are many, who can walk in the way of realizing their dreams, can walk. Legendary writer Humayun Ahmed wrote the house on the clouds. What is the home address on the clouds? What is the mysterious house built? It is only possible for magical writers to ‘build houses on the clouds’. But my imagination can not rise above the clouds. Gondi is eaten like a ghost and becomes longhand. Knowing death is intense, my attraction towards life is intense. And the eyes of the chill are on the bill.

I would also like to create a ‘house on the tree’. But ‘what house should I built I am zero in the middle’ I am a tree lover. If I want to leave the tree, the tree does not leave me. Two trees in front of the house are like my brother. When someone calls for a house, say, ‘See, the big tree in front of you; This is my house. ‘Let’s say a little more interesting in the ear, that the tree is fattened over time with nature. I’m too fat to keep up with him.

The green tree planted a girl’s house in a rural house. My American-backed parents used to plant trees everywhere in the fields. If you like to eat jackfruit, mango or other fruit while traveling in a house, it will bring its seeds. There were many fruit trees in every village in the village. And the yield of those trees was so much that people could not eat them. There was no saving system. Even after feeding the cows, there was an uninterrupted fruit under the tree.

I was a companion to my father’s plantation. After planting each plant, the father asked me to name the tree. People laugh at the beard of our father-beta. People said, ‘Why are you planting trees in the middle of the field’? We did not have any reminder. From the tree, I’m proud of it. I want to build a living on this tree. It feels so much to see the intention of your mind being somewhere.

Let’s see that the ‘garden’ village of Costa Rica The country is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and the forest rains for 6-7 months of the year. A couple of Colorado residents of America have bought 600 acres of jungle in a jungle and nature’s love, and the whole one is ‘Tree Village’. There is a rope ladder, a cordon bridge, and a cordon trolley. Wooden stairs used to go from one home to another. Romantic people are less and more in the world of trees, tree resorts, tree hotels, etc., for themselves and for the luxurious travelers.

I see in the eyes of a bad mind that, in front of my house, large trees keep the wind around and keep warm and comfortable. When the tears of the sky come down to the earth in the light of the tears, then the tree or the water of 25,000 gallons of water can keep the area from flooding in this area. He keeps the eyes of birds in love-loving songs, squirrels, and neighbors all around the eyes. On that tree, I am sitting on my legs hanging from the house. And singing in the necklace, ‘haunting tamarind trees in my haunting me’ How will it be?

My neighboring Nancy phone may come in handy ‘Do not move’, that is why it might be eager to call out loud. Renee might say, ‘what happened Mrs. Quader’ Stephen will come to hear of them, the old man will come again. No one else will come. Americans do not gather like bees in any event. Their time was sold in dollars.

The people are gathered because of the unavoidable reasons in our country. ‘What happened to brother’, ‘what is the matter’, etc., one person swallows one’s mouth and swears the other’s neck. Our fable nature Hookahahua’s voice was heard in the procession, Hookahahua’s Gaganabidari noise started. Now again the era of Facebook The egg gives it by posting itself.

It is common that Bengalis do not help anyone to get up. But there is no shortage of people when they get up or down. So, if I talk about the hobbies of my garden, in the Bangalipara rice, the mix of appetizing creams in the mouth will be awakened by the familiar mahal ga rush. You will say, ‘The girl’s head’s play-bolt has been defaced’. Many people will run to see how much has happened. Only my literary friends may understand, ‘The trees used to sit in my house in Duschunpur / mind, which in reality is far away.