America is a Concept: Guava Island

America is a Concept: Guava Island

May 2, 2019 0 By Twuhid

 Donald Glover as “Denni” in the Guava Island movie, replies to a worker when he talks about how he heard of life is in America & he wishes to be there someday,

“America is a Concept.

Anywhere where, in order to get rich, you have to make someone else richer,

is America.”

Previously a worker says,

“I heard that it’s not like this when you get off the island. Like in America. It’s different there. I heard people are their own bosses. I’m saving up enough to bribe my way off the island. Then I’ll go to America and start my own business.”

Denni laughs and says,

This is America.
Guava’s no different
than any other country.

and then his great Quote Comes! & right after that one of the famous songs of Donald Glover’s, “This is America” Begins to play!

In this movie, Denni’s dream is to liberate the oppressed people of Guava Island. It’s more like a feature film but it’s Loaded with musicality, lovely areas, cinematography, and individuals. Nevertheless, nearly everything else during this very little film is amazing; Donald Glover’s spirited performance, and his exciting songs, Rihanna’s attractiveness and wonderful narration voice-over & Letitia Wright’s charming beauty. It’s framed as a mother’s story, that is fitting considering its momentary and somewhat ‘faded’ nature, and it definitely plays out additional as a sort of ‘moral’ than anything. it is not ineffective however it’s, as I discussed, rather broad, culminating during a bitter-sweet finale that does not essentially stoppage to all or any that a lot of scrutinies.

Here are some other charming Dialogues and best quotes From the Guava Island Movie,

You know,
my grandfather used to say, “The man who doesn’t
enjoy the cracking
of pistachio shells, doesn’t enjoy the work of a full life.”


It’s not late
if everyone does it.


Artists like adventures,
and… little babies
are just like adventures,
you know.