How To Become Famous For No Reason

How To Become Famous For No Reason

June 5, 2018 1 By abnidaala

There are basically three things the human beings are basically attached of, Money, Fame and the Opposite Gender. And the hunger for fame is considered as the top of this list of three. Human needs are far different from human desire. As the human needs are so sufficient and on the other hand, there are no limits of human desires. And as long as the question of “How To Become Famous For No Reason” is concerned or When we are talking about the state of being known by many people, we have get this thing in our mind that if we want to enter the world of Limelight and Celebrity dreams we must look after the major two options in our hands. Today we are going to talk about how to become famous for no reason. First, there are two types of Fame:

  • Fame With Respect and
  • Fame Without Respect

Fame With Respect: As Our today’s topic is to became famous for no reasons, we can have a strong assumption that there are a very little or poor chances to get fame without any reasons. Why should people know you for? Did you achieved something? Or whatever the reason is. You are desiring a Fame when you’ve nothing show to the people whom you’ll be known to. So, when we want to become famous without no reason, we might consider a risk at our own that anything can go wrong. One famous Character said, “Be careful what you wish for, it may become true!”

Fame Without Respect: Is it the fame without Respect or A fame with so much hate! Yes we can get famous at many stages of our life while being hated by so many people. So, if we don’t want to be hated by anyone and alongside we want to be known to everyone it’s necessary not to do any kind of illegal activity or any sort of dishonest creativity. We can now proceed to our main topic.

How To Become Famous For No Reason:

Being A Fan of A Famous Celebrity or Sports Person:

When you want to be known to everyone for no reason you may have a source of this kind of desire. Maybe you’ve seen someone so famous and you want to be like him. Or you love someone who’s a Celebrity it can be your favourite Musician, Singer, Song Writer, Actor/Actress, Sportsman, Online and Media Person, Journal Writer, Novelist etcetera and etcetera. When you want to be the person who you already have that in your mind you might be interested to a specific person who is your dream celebrity. You Can give it try to impress them or you can do tiny things like following them on social media, commenting on their public posts, sending them your love mail, attending their public conserts/lectures or conferences.

There are so many well known Celebrity out there who also admires their true fans and they do so many crazy things to make happy their Fans. You can be one of them. Just try to get noticed and there you go. Once you got noticed by one of them your dream can become true.

Attending In Auditions:

You May have so many hobbies. And maybe you have the desire to be something in your life. You try to attend so many Auditions in TV talent shows or many other TV Reality Shows. You may not succeed in those and get selected to those but you can get some huge public exposure.

Being an Audience:

For example you had been to your Favourite Game or you went to public conference. You can make your impression by getting touched with your famous friends or important persons of that Event. People will soon notice your existence and take you to the limelight.

By visiting to a reality show:

There are so many reality show out there in several studios, public places which are shown in so many TV channels. You can try to attend them or seek pass to any sort of reality shows. Once you get in there, you can be noticed by responding their works or as a audience performance.

Being An evidence or Witness of a Great Event or Story:

We live in an age of Multimedia and limelight industry. There are millions of incidents are happening in-front of us everyday. It can be a good thing or bad. If you have smart phone then you can try to shoot videos of everywhere you go and travel by that you can be a witness of something or get an opportunity to tell a story.

Being Funny:

If you think you are funny enough to attract or make people smile then keep doing it. You don’t have to do anything extra to make people smile rather than leading your original life. There are so many people who are funny and they don’t even know that. You may become meme for that.

Social Media:

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and many other social media websites made the fame cheaper than ever! Almost anyone can be famous in these social media nowadays but unless there must a reason behind this. If you think you’re elite, funny, interesting(or your lifestyle are interesting), you are good looking or similar things by that you can be attracted by people naturally. You can add these details to your social media profiles and join to many groups of you niche or criteria. Someday you might be found by so many people like you and they will know your identity and make you famous for that. You won’t have to do anything additional or either any effort to be famous to be at limelight.