How To Stay Awake

How To Stay Awake

April 13, 2018 0 By abnidaala

Do you have to work in the office for regular night work? Or there is no other way to remove the burden of work from head to head without working all night? Or do you have to stay awake all night? Whether you are the team of that, the doctors may never encourage you to wake up at night. But it is important to have some practice to prepare well for the night to work awake. The BBC, in consultation with experts, told about it in a report.

Psychologist Professor Kevin Morgan is working as the director of the Clinical Slip Research Institute at Lobrahov University in the United Kingdom. Although sleep experts generally do not like to work at night, Professor Morgan, however, thinks there are some benefits to working at night. According to him, ‘there is less scope for work at night’ and ‘You can control your environment.’

No one is encouraged or interested in working at night, that many of us may have the reality. Recent studies have found that many students in the United Kingdom and the United States and teachers of primary school also have a good night’s work rate. And nowadays, many universities have the opportunity of the working environment at night to become a compulsory subsidiary. The University of Chicago has the reading room open for the whole night. And the computer room at Bristol University is open all night. Whatever he is, if you are sleeping regularly, you will not be too late to play! So to prepare for the night, take some preparation.

Regular sleep and wake up in advance

Harvard Medical School Professor Charles Sayler feels that it is necessary to sleep a little earlier before going to bed. It will not be a shortage of virtue in the sleeping night. If you can practice sleeping regularly, it is rather easy to wake up to work in the night to wake up suddenly. He said, ‘Do not keep yourself sleepy. Regularly sleeping rather than working at night awake. ‘

Provide yourself nutrition

Nutrition Supervision and Broadcasters in Paula M. Profession. This broadcaster living in Dublin often has to work at night. “The proteins help us stay awake.” Paula said, ‘That night, we have to work from wake up, eat protein-rich foods in the evening. It may be that chicken or beef or fish. The more carbohydrate can make us sleepy. “If you eat well in the evening, you will not need to be full again at night. But keep it with some light-rich protein foods for midnight consumption.

Work in bright light

Joel Adre, director of the French National Institute for Neuroscience and the National Institute of Health and Medical Research, said, “The light sends signals to be alert to our body and tells us that now it is time to stay awake and active.” That is why it needs to work in bright light at night. But keep in mind, the light is the right color. He said that the study found that the bright blue light is good for being alert and yellow light makes our nerves lose, so it is not good to wake up at night.

Plan a job

Psychologist Kevin Morgan says that analytical ability of the brain may be diminished while sleeping due to sleep deprivation. So it is better to take an early action plan to work in the night shift. He said, ‘divide your work into two parts. Have a job to analyze and think. Put a routine-like work to be done in another part. And of course, do the activities of the brain in the first part of the night. ‘

Provide tea-coffee

Caffeine in tea and coffee plays an important role in disrupting our body by disrupting the body’s tired hormones. You can practice tea or coffee with a cup of coffee after a couple of hours of regular work breaks during the whole night. This will eliminate fatigue and take a break from the work.

Keep yourself warm

A little cold environment is helpful for sleeping. As a result of this, try to keep the room warm. If there is an air conditioning system where you are working, keep the temperature cooler rather than cool. And remember, if we have the normal routine, our body temperature decreases the most at night from three to four in the normal position. As a result, keep watch on passing this time.

Sleep after the night wake up

It is very important to sleep at the end of your night work. However, if working on the night is regular, then the sleeping style will be different and if one day to wake up one night it is another. If you wake up regularly, practice enough sleep for a few hours in the morning. And if it is a matter of one night suddenly, give a 90 to 100-minute sleep in the morning. Only then can it be normal for a whole day and the next night’s sleep will not be a problem. But there may be problems in sleeping too much in the morning and returning to normal sleep routine.