How America’s Politics Causing Effects to The Whole World’s Politics

How America’s Politics Causing Effects to The Whole World’s Politics

April 24, 2018 0 By abnidaala


Donald Trump has become the President of the United States, the world politics has also been a major setback alike the country. We have already seen his unusual activities. His personal use is too strong. Generally, when the US president speaks to a telephone with another country, there is a high diplomatic courtesan. Trump does not pay for these diplomatic systems. When he speaks, his talk becomes a kind of flick or quarrel. The way the first telephone conversation with the Prime Minister of Australia has shocked him, it is a rare case. He did not stop bothering him, without any kind of courtesy, but he kept the telephone. Such behavior of the Prime Minister of Australia will be shocking. The telephonic talk certainly does not fit with its Gentlemanship. Perhaps he never encountered these situations. Not to be. And the US president would scold him in this way, it did not find him in his mind.

Because the leaders of the two powerful country’s leaders will be proud, sympathetic and very polite. It is normal. Those who have already chosen the Trump’s behavior and how they are, they are bone. A few days ago a small news came out. There has been a widespread negative reaction among the American people about voting for Trump. According to the news, as there has been a split in American politics since the election of Trump, from the time they are elected, the family and mutual friends have also broken. A recent Reuters survey revealed that retired female guardian Gayle McCormick said last year, when his husband told him to lunch with friends, he was surprised to vote for Trump. 73-year-old McCormick said I did not imagine my husband could make such a decision. Then I thought how to deal with a person who can vote for a man like Trump. That is why he separates the husband.

Now he is living apart. 25-year-old Rob Brunel, a truck driver from Ohio State, told that he had broken relations with family members and friends due to voting for Trump. 57-year-old Sun Karen of Philadelphia said that after supporting Trump he said very few words to his two sons. New Orleans radio producer George Meyer said that he supported his relationship with his uncle because he supported Trump. According to the survey, 13 percent of the people centered on the trump, ending their relationship with family members and friends. This year’s US election has created an ideological conflict that has never been seen before. Contradictions have also been made between Republicans and Democrats in social behavior among party supporters.

Social scientists say that unfaithfulness to the government is narrowing the political compromise and if this situation continues, it will be even more narrow. Because of a trump, the inter-relations and divide between the people of his country and the geographical politics are fluctuating, it has now become visible. As the change is for the United States, it is also a matter of great concern for the world. Many people think that if the Third World War also strains due to the trumpet behavior, there will be no surprises.


Those who think that I do not do politics, I do not understand politics, I do not want to talk about it – they are not right at all. Whether he does not want or not, he is not outside politics and lives within the political belt, it is sure. There is no way out of this. Everything is governed by politics and is governed by political decisions. Whether it is active or inactive or good or bad There is always a continuous political trend in everyone. Someone is visible, like a lost river in the sky, visible. Many people often say I do politics of belly. If there is a stomach, there is no need for anything else. Although they simply say the word, this is not the biggest politics that they want to understand. Due to the abundance of food and fullness of happiness, it is essentially the emergence of politics. According to their point of view, a large political party was formed formally and its leader emerged.

The constitution of the parties and the statements of the leaders and the statements of the state of happiness and sorrow of the people. Even though both parties and their leaders speak differently, the main tone is that the poor and the poor and the common people laugh at the face. Feeding the stomach full of food came out of their mouth. Those who feel more credible to the general public and can be able to play their role even if they are secure in their happiness and comfort, send them to the state power. This is the big politics, this is the biggest politics. Nobody can go beyond the influence of this politics. Because of the stomach politics that we are seeing in the ruling body of various groups, this is due to the belly politics. Who will keep control of any area, tender, extortion, scandal, and increase its happiness, through which it is involved in the belly politics?

There is also the politics of happiness which is happening in the administration of major corruption, bank robbery, money laundering etc. The difference is only that, the poor people in belly politics just think of the stomach. And the influential person near the power or power might worry about how he could flutter his stomach further. All this is happening in politics. The issue is that the politics is healthy or ill. It is beneficial to reach people of the marginal level if their condition is healthy. If he gets sick, his stomach tension remains forever. The stomach is not full. There is always a civil status in America’s politics. The people here do not have to worry too much about belly politics. Flowing politics filled their stomach. There is now a breakdown in a civilized political trend. The political ideology of the two streams continued for a long time as well, but there is a conflict now.

But America’s politics was as transparent and calm as the cold dough. It has now become overwhelming due to a big trunk called trump in this lighthouse. It is so hot that family ties, friendships – have had its impact in all cases. The events of breaking the world are happening. It is not known whether such incidents happen in our country. But what happens is that the opponent fights with the opponent. Those who are in power do not agree to give any rebate to the opposition. The country thinks them, so the opponents who are there, do not have the right to politics. If you put them to bed then power will be made permanent.


The difference between our politics with American politics is that, those who are in power in our politics have a mission to wipe out opponents. Even if you can not get rid of it, keep it under pressure and compress it. Such a superstition is strongly in their mentality. There is no such uncultivated American politics. This is the trump that has been elected as a fierce president, his actions – however, he did not go to power to attack the opponent. Using the law enforcement agencies did not take the initiative to eradicate. But after his return to power, his reversed activities – in case his opponent team used bulldozer to destroy the Democrats, there would have been no surprise. With the absolute dominance of his party in Congress, he could take the initiative to eradicate the opponent. After coming to power, the Democrats were able to adopt a single case after putting them in jail, attacking supporters, harassment, not staying at home, killing, homicide.

Zidane could have leaned towards the suppression of pressure. There was nothing to be surprised if such behavior towards the opposition was not surprising. In order to justify repression, the TV talks could provoke intellectuals. They used to analyze the language and say that at the time of power, there might be a slight slighting on the opposition. It’s not faulty. Thousands of people have come down on the streets of the trump and do not believe in trump, they are not ours, they are not our presidents, but trumps are not obstructing in any way. He could, however, be able to get rid of those moving masses by leaving back the skin on the road. They are arrested and taken to jail in connection with sabotage or vandalism. He did not do that. Rather, they are giving this movement to challenge their power. But the nature of such movement is the characteristics of our country’s politics.

This feature has always been stuttered in the last few years. In other words, it has been stacked. Now the politics has become pressure and eradication. The government does not want anyway, its main opponent politics. Especially in this trend, the government has become clear after January 5, 2014, voterless elections. The process of turning it into a marginal team is going on in a jerky though its main opponent cannot be completely eradicated. Like the American people, the slogans that go on the streets, do not believe, not human, there is no opportunity for them now in the country. When the opposition goes down the street, they shout at the loss of ‘sabotage’. A kind of diplomacy game is being continued in politics. Recently, the leaders of the ruling party are clearly saying that if their main opponent does not participate in the next national election, it will be further narrowed.

Tantani will start with the existence That is, they continue to pressurize the main opponent to clear the opponent and they want the opposition to narrow down. Analysts say that politics is the worst depletion. They do not want to talk about politics. Said the extreme anarchic situation. The government is calling this attitude of extreme undemocratic and fascism. What is the reason for this fascism? There is a kind of panic among ordinary people. Mutual suspicion and fear are born. An ideological politics was forced to impose many ideological politics by stopping many ideological politics. This kind of government holds down the politics of other ideas. They put fear in people of different opinions and kept them down. Now a dangerous political trend has been started.


It is understood through the election of trumps that how unusual the political changes can be. The trump is, however, elected by the people’s votes and has been opposed. And if no government is elected by the people’s vote, how bad can be its reaction, we have seen in the past, yet we are seeing. This type of government is vengeful. The revenge turns out to be the main opponent. Because he did not participate in the election, the election was voter-free and the question of government’s acceptance was also questioned. So all the obstacles in the government fall on the main opponent. The matter is such that I have to give you the money to question me. The government, instead of looking at the people, became dependent on the administration.

By using all the instruments administered by the administrative machinery, while protecting themselves on the one hand, the opposition parties, on the other hand, may not be questioned by the opposition party. In this case, he kept democracy in his hands. There is a kind of fear in the government about the national elections that will be held in 2015. Because the last election crossed the electoral bill, he would not like to have another election. His main opponent will participate in this election. This is the cause of his fear. On the one hand the election is not about to be questioned, on the other hand, the power of losing power. The government seems to be under a lot of pressure on this issue. As the government understands the matter, the conscious people also understand.

As a result, the government is trying to force itself to speak out of the face of its main opponent. And all the tricks that are there, are going to adopt them all. This is nothing but political anarchy. This is not the case with normal politics. There will be strategies in politics, but it will be healthy, which will be studied in the scope of democracy. This political enmity does not in any way help the development of the country. Because development-progress is achieved through a fair political climate. Governments may temporarily think of themselves through heat and pressure politics, but this heat and pressure will be a burden for future politics.

It will be very difficult to carry this burden. We believe that if politics is to be adopted, it should be done normally and systematically. Unusual methods, or to make politics politically corrupt and difficult, means that pushing yourself towards Khasarah means pushing yourself towards Khasarat. Because the common man has to pay the losses of the common people and it is being done. The party that is with this politics, whether it is in power or in opposition, Today or Tomorrow, they also have to comprehend. We hope that the ruling party and the opposition will come out of negative politics and opposition from negative politics and opposition to each other, that society will come back in the politics, family ties will remain intact, friendship will be strong.