How a Story Turns Into Sadness

How a Story Turns Into Sadness

April 5, 2018 0 By abnidaala

How the electric bulb can be used, invented its technology, and surprises everyone as a teenager. Tariq Amin Chowdhury, a student of class 9 of Chittagong St Paul’s School, used some sensors in electric bulbs, through which it can be controlled with mobile phones through specific applications from anywhere in the world. It is possible to get information about what is happening in the 10-kilometer area of ​​the bulb that will be planted. These images can be seen anywhere on the mobile phone screen. Whether the thief-robbers or strangers entered the house through the cameras installed in the cameras, as seen in the fire, when the house was set on fire or gas was seen. Many things can be controlled too. All this will be integrated with the bulb. In this innovation, Tariq Sahitya got the help of Agrajaprishim Shantanu Bhattacharya. Students of Electrical Engineering Department of Shantanu Chittagong Premier University are students of electrical engineering.

Tariq Amin’s need to mention why this new achievement today is coming into context. Before that, open up the issue of innovation. An electronic bulb called ‘smart bulb’ is available in the market of an electronic goods manufacturing company, which can provide three hours of light without electrical connection. Tariq and Shantanu started the process of innovating technology mainly from the thought of making the bulb more advanced and versatile.

There are many responses when this multi-purpose project of electrical bulbs is used in Chittagong’s two technology fair. It is about this fancy idea published in the press. Tariq then told reporters that using different types of sensors, they wanted to make bulbs suitable for various uses. Several sensors have been installed in the MQ2 (gas sensor), LRR (determining the amount of light) and the PIR (temperature-moisture calculator). This bulb can be controlled by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi through specific applications.

BMC has planned to utilize Tariq’s technology. They have contracted with the Tariqas. According to the agreement, Tikira will work to improve the organization’s financial favor and improve the bulb. Initially, one million bulbs were entered into the market. This is the event in the late end of 2017.

This is not Tariq’s only initiative in science and technology; Earlier, by giving a technique to ‘machine controlled by mind’, Tariq received the first award of BCSIR Science and Technology Fair 2015. At the time, National Science and Technology Week was the third place in his innovation.

At the age of 16, the boy who is immersed in science and technology, who will enlighten the new inventions, will be the asset of the country and society in the age of maturity, will brighten the face of the family – that was the expected. But alas, the story did not go that way. One day the teenager’s photo was printed for the extraordinary credit, that Tariq has dropped from the SSC(Secondary School Certificate) exam hall and the head dropped back home. What is his crime? He checked the crime, he had checked with the question papers.

Those who have passed the SSC, HSC or other exams, almost everyone has come to the house and checked the answer to the question paper for sure. Yet, students who are accustomed to the rules are still accustomed. Can not be given any marks in the question paper – such rules or instructions are given at all? What is the meaning of tick marking question paper?

It is not the same thing to suspect and be sure. Before the expulsion of three students, including Tariq Amin in suspicion, the magistrate should have considered at least two more times. Because of the last step of the expulsion. He has the power, but before applying it, it is necessary to think of a student’s miserable experience in his own life, his parents and family, and even the consequences in society.

The issue of Question Paper Leakage is going on in the whole country. The people of the country are surprised and frustrated about the leak of question papers in nearly all examinations. No one can stop this catastrophic trend. There are various rules and steps taken immediately. Reduction of the speed of the internet, 200 meters of the examination center, the restriction to enter the mobile phone or the question papers, the award announcing the award of five lakhs despite the question papers continue to leak. Attempts are being made to put ‘failure’ on their necks, like ‘Dhaka’. The authorities have not been able to identify the main culprits responsible for the leakage question papers, but the administration has been attacked. A big example of the student expulsion for questioning in the question paper is a big example of this. Some parents of the students were arrested for protesting the incident.

On February 13, police conducted a drive in Chittagong to conduct a search operation on a bus and arrested some of the candidates. The question papers were found on their mobile phones – 24 were expelled and 9 others were detained on the charge. Apart from this, 36 people have been arrested across the country on that day.

The question papers found on mobile phones have not leaked the question. These teenagers are either curious or have been tempted. There is no reason why the testers are not confused by the rumors surrounding the question papers across the country. If the educational system where examining and results are dependent, the young people will not take the opportunity if they get an opportunity – how realistic is it to think?

I saw the pictures of students detained on newspaper pages. They are trying to hide the face from the camera. The story could have been different. The pictures of these teen-young people could have been found in the newspaper page for their achievement, talent, and creativity. But we have removed the picture of the success of Tariq Amin, and we also blocked the way of their possibilities. Will the next generation forgive us?