Enjoy Japan vs Russia : Live Streaming,TV Guide

Enjoy Japan vs Russia : Live Streaming,TV Guide

September 18, 2019 0 By Abdur Rob Badhon

The Rugby World Cup will be held in 12 cities of Japan from September 20 to November 2, 2019. This is the first time that the World Rugby Championship will be held in Asia. The top 20 teams of the world will come to compete for the title, including the Russian national team, which, by the way, will open the championship with a match against the Japanese team in Tokyo.

Tickets for the games are already on sale. Until November 12, 2018, online applications are being accepted on the official website of the championship. The cheapest ticket for the group stage matches will cost $20. For the best places at the final game in Yokohama, we will have to pay as much as $1000. There are a lot of people who want to do it, so we recommend you not to postpone your purchase.

You can Watch Japan Vs Russia Live Stream From the Offical app for Rugby World Cup 2019. You can also watch it via so many social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. It’s pretty much sure that the fans will stream the game live from the Stadium!

Japan vs Russia 2019 Rugby World Cup

Russian Team

The coaching staff of the Russian national team has decided on the line-up for the first game of the Rugby World Cup against Japan. The meeting will be held in Tokyo on September 20 and will begin at 13.45 Moscow time.
The line-up is almost no different from the one that came out from the first minutes in the test match against Connacht on September 7 in Moscow. The only change is that from the very first minutes Dmitry Gerasimov will be on the pitch, taking his place in the central three-quarter, while Kirill Golosnitsky will move to the edge and replace Denis Simplikevich.

The Russian national team recognized its rivals at the group stage of the Rugby World Cup, which will be held in Japan from September 20 to November 2, 2019.

The Russians in Group A will play against Ireland, Scotland, Japan and Samoa. The islanders became the last participant of the quintet, having beaten the German team in qualification.

The schedule of the group stage of the Russian national team looks as follows: September 20, 2019, will be played with Japan, on the 24th – with Samoa, on October 3 – with Ireland and on the 9th – with Scotland.

The Russian national team has only once in history participated in the Rugby World Cup. This happened in 2011 when the Russians lost all four matches, scored one point and failed to make it to the playoffs.

For the Russian national team captain Vasily Artemiev it will be the 90th match in the national team. Recall that the record-breaker for this indicator is Yuri Kushnarev, who will play 112 matches for the “bears”.

Russian national team for the match against Japan:

PlayerPositionDate of birth (age)CapsClub/province
Sergey ChernyshevHooker13 May 1988 (aged 31)10Slava Moscow
Evgeny MatveevHooker15 April 1985 (aged 34)58VVA-Podmoskovye
Stanislav Sel’skiyHooker2 September 1991 (aged 28)35Enisey-STM
Azamat BitievProp9 December 1989 (aged 29)19Krasny Yar
Kirill GotovtsevProp17 July 1987 (aged 32)3Krasny Yar
Valery MorozovProp21 September 1994 (aged 24)17 Sale Sharks
Vladimir PodrezovProp27 January 1994 (aged 25)25VVA-Podmoskovye
Andrey PolivalovProp9 August 1986 (aged 33)25VVA-Podmoskovye
Evgeny ElginLock10 March 1987 (aged 32)24Enisey-STM
Bogdan FedotkoLock22 September 1994 (aged 24)20Krasny Yar
Andrey GarbuzovLock7 August 1983 (aged 36)94Krasny Yar
Andrei OstrikovLock2 July 1987 (aged 32)33 Grenoble
Tagir GadzhievBack row29 March 1994 (aged 25)27Kuban
Victor GresevBack row31 March 1986 (aged 33)98Krasny Yar
Roman KhodinBack row6 September 1993 (aged 26)4Kuban
Anton SychevBack row5 February 1994 (aged 25)14Metallurg
Nikita VavilinBack row13 May 1994 (aged 25)10Slava Moscow
Vitaly ZhivatovBack row16 February 1992 (aged 27)9VVA-Podmoskovye
Vasily DorofeevScrum-half6 August 1990 (aged 29)22Krasny Yar
Dmitry PerovScrum-half18 November 1984 (aged 34)10VVA-Podmoskovye
Ramil GaisinFly-half26 July 1991 (aged 28)44Enisey-STM
Yuri KushnarevFly-half6 June 1985 (aged 34)109Krasny Yar
Sergey YanyushkinFly-half16 November 1986 (aged 32)15Lokomotiv Penza
Igor GalinovskiyCentre8 November 1985 (aged 33)49Krasny Yar
Dmitry GerasimovCentre16 April 1988 (aged 31)64Enisey-STM
Kirill GolosnitskyCentre30 May 1994 (aged 25)9Krasny Yar
Vladimir OstroushkoCentre30 September 1986 (aged 32)46Kuban
German DavydovWing10 March 1994 (aged 25)17VVA-Podmoskovye
Denis SimplikevichWing11 March 1991 (aged 28)28Enisey-STM
Vladislav SozonovWing9 October 1993 (aged 25)8VVA-Podmoskovye
Vasily Artemyev (c)Fullback24 July 1987 (aged 32)86Krasny Yar


Japan Team

Japanese national team for the match against Russian:

PlayerPositionDate of birth (age)CapsClub/province
Shota HorieHooker21 January 1986 (aged 33)61Panasonic Wild Knights
Takuya KitadeHooker14 September 1992 (aged 27)1Suntory Sungoliath
Atsushi SakateHooker21 June 1993 (aged 26)17Panasonic Wild Knights
Asaeli Ai ValuProp7 May 1989 (aged 30)9Panasonic Wild Knights
Keita InagakiProp2 June 1990 (aged 29)29Panasonic Wild Knights
Koo Ji-wonProp20 July 1994 (aged 25)8Honda Heat
Yusuke KizuProp2 December 1995 (aged 23)3Toyota Verblitz
Isileli NakajimaProp9 July 1989 (aged 30)3Kobelco Steelers
Uwe HeluLock12 July 1990 (aged 29)14Yamaha Júbilo
James MooreLock11 June 1993 (aged 26)3Munakata Sanix Blues
Luke ThompsonLock16 April 1981 (aged 38)67Kintetsu Liners
Wimpie van der WaltLock6 January 1989 (aged 30)12NTT DoCoMo Red Hurricanes
Kazuki HimenoLoose forward27 July 1994 (aged 25)12Toyota Verblitz
Michael Leitch (c)Loose forward7 October 1988 (aged 30)63Toshiba Brave Lupus
Lappies LabuschagnéLoose forward11 January 1989 (aged 30)3Kubota Spears
Amanaki MafiLoose forward21 January 1990 (aged 29)25NTT Communications Shining Arcs
Yoshitaka TokunagaLoose forward10 April 1992 (aged 27)12Toshiba Brave Lupus
Hendrik TuiLoose forward13 December 1987 (aged 31)44Suntory Sungoliath
Yutaka NagareScrum-half4 September 1992 (aged 27)19Suntory Sungoliath
Kaito ShigenoScrum-half21 November 1990 (aged 28)10Toyota Verblitz
Fumiaki TanakaScrum-half3 January 1985 (aged 34)70Canon Eagles
Rikiya MatsudaFly-half3 May 1994 (aged 25)20Panasonic Wild Knights
Yu TamuraFly-half9 January 1989 (aged 30)57Canon Eagles
Timothy LafaeleCentre19 August 1991 (aged 28)18Kubota Spears
Ryoto NakamuraCentre3 June 1991 (aged 28)19Suntory Sungoliath
Will TupouCentre20 July 1990 (aged 29)10Coca-Cola Red Sparks
Kenki FukuokaWing7 September 1992 (aged 27)34Panasonic Wild Knights
Lomano LemekiWing30 January 1989 (aged 30)11Honda Heat
Ataata MoeakiolaWing6 February 1996 (aged 23)4Kobelco Steelers
Kotaro MatsushimaFullback26 February 1993 (aged 26)34Suntory Sungoliath
Ryohei YamanakaFullback22 June 1988 (aged 31)13Kobelco Steelers

We’ll be able to watch the meeting live on the Match Channel! (beginning of broadcast at 13.15), on the official sites of the TV channel “Match!”.

Some History

From 1987 to participate in Rugby World Cup since the Japanese team previously achieved only by a victory, and that also goes back to 1991. And South Africa, as the 1995 and 2007 World Cup champion, never a World Cup first game lost by the opponent, and since 2003, South Africa has three consecutive World Cup failed in the group stage lost a ball.

But history on this day to be rewritten, and 9 on 20 May, the Japanese in the game’s final moments lore two-time World Cup winner South Africa team.

Including the UK Telegraph, the BBC and other British media, including, Will this game as“Rugby World Cup history the biggest impact.”The narrator in during and after the race many times lamented the“incredible”, and even “Harry Potter” author JK Rowling has tweeted to say: “such a fantastic episode, and I write does not come out.”

Japan did not even provide the media with this game live, so many Japanese people Wake up and see the news is “freaking out”.