Technology Vs Addiction

Technology Vs Addiction

April 12, 2018 0 By abnidaala

A man in the elevator said that he would go to the four-storey house. But after arriving in the elevator, he became so focused on his mobile that he forgot to press the four buttons. Not long after, his consciousness returned. By then the elevator reached the sixth floor. Once in a hurry, once again the door was frustrated to see the lift buttons, and he turned his attention to the mobile phone. Do we call him addicted to technology? Again, he can use the mobile phone to send the necessary e-mails.

Is Technology Addiction Real?

Facebook’s founding president Shane Parker said in a conference in November that social media was created to isolate people, not to tie one thread. According to him, the matter is how the user can waste more time, how they can get their attention, that was the purpose. Shane Parker resigned in the following year of Facebook’s establishment. Maybe there was a disturbance that made such ludicrous comments. But there is no mistake in his words anywhere. Facebook wants our attention Their business model is such. How does the job? The answer is, the user has the chance of psychological weakness.
Interestingly, the Facebook-snapchat made in the United States of America is the most vocal against it. There is a continuation of the campaign in the country to keep children away from technology. The theme of ‘Truth About Tech’ is the theme of campaign expeditions, that children’s soft hearts should not be replaced by the pressures of digital technology, but they are not unnoticed. The campaign is running differently. They are not saying to keep away from the technology of children directly. Rather they are trying to understand, what can be the harm if the technology is lifted in children’s hands. Your child does not want to be bad or you want to

What is technology addiction?

Computers, smartphones, gaming systems – especially the technology that can be worked on the screen is a strong tension is an addiction. In particular, teenagers may be addicted to technology but people of all ages may be addicted to it. Technology addiction weakens the subtle aspects of human relationships in humans. According to the International Journal of Neurosciator Medicine, one in eight American people is technologically involved.

Although there are no statistics or research in our country, it is understood that the surroundings of technology are increasing. Four of the same family may have gone to the restaurant to eat until the meal comes, four people are busy in their own smartphones or tabs. There are also some, holding hands in one hand and eating it on another. Many of them again fall asleep, listening to music by putting headphones in their ears to chat on Facebook. Two of them have gone somewhere to spend time, but instead of talking to two people in a beautiful environment, maybe they are spending time on their own mobile phones. Many times it does not come close to one another. The barrier is the technology These are some kind of technology addiction.

Helal Uddin Ahmed, associate professor of National Mental Health Institute, said, “Technology addiction can be of many types. Maybe addicted to smartphones, internet, social media or pornography. We will call any human being a technology addict when two characteristics are seen in him. One. The time spent on the device increases day by day. Two If you are away from the technology, physical and emotional unsettling will occur. ‘

Generally speaking, the technology is addictive to be used for hours on a computer, tab or smartphone during the hour. But for professional reasons, those who spend hours with technology, are also addicted to them? For the sake of work, computer programmers, animators, graphic designers, or call center workers have to stay with the machine for a long time. According to Ahmed Helal, it is not addictive. Because it works. Rather, the person is happy if one day is not on screen for work. He said, ‘Just work on the office computer. Nothing else can be done outside of it. ‘

Ahmed Helal also said about the harmful aspects of technology addiction. According to him, there is such a problem from being away from socialism, decreasing performance, interrupting family relationships, and being indigestible.

How technology has created addiction

There is no addiction in the medical practice yet. Just because the technology is addictive, it is not clear. Researchers claim that this may be the result of innate genetic traits and the surrounding environment.

Possible three reasons-

  1. Mental health of the person
  2. Many of those who are addicted to technology is seen to be suffering from anxiety, insomnia, depression.
  3. They are usually a little emotional.

Characteristic Features

Those who are a little introvert, who is far from direct social contact, they are comfortable with making contact with people online. And this way they became addicted to technology at one time.


Those who are under great pressure on daily work, have been seen using technology-based devices as a means of reducing the pressure.

Changes in body and mind when the technology is addicted to addiction

Behavioral changes

• Stay in a mood when using technology equipment
• Avoiding friends and relatives
• Do not sleep properly
• Refraining from spending too much time with technology
• Feeling annoying at work that seemed good before

Physical changes

• Excessive weight gain
• Frequent headaches
• Problems with eyesight
• Increased pain in the body

The way to get out of addiction from technology

Psychiatrist says the way to get out of technology addiction-

• First, you have to fix the mind. Because the machine or technology was his mind. Instead of playing sports or chat, you have to find their own entertainment.
• It may be difficult to get out slowly, in that case, for a specific but fairly long period, the screen must be stopped completely.