What is Satellite & How will Bangladesh be benefited by the Bangabandhu satellite?

What is Satellite & How will Bangladesh be benefited by the Bangabandhu satellite?

May 11, 2018 0 By abnidaala

Satellites or Artificial satellites are satellites invented for outer space. We got the news of satellite or Artificial satellites in different parts of the world. The satellite is sent in orbit with rocket or space shuttle cargo bay. Inertial Guidance System (IGS) mechanism used to control rockets during sending. To cross the gravity of the Earth, the rocket has to run 25 thousand 39 miles in a single hour. If the satellites are not able to adjust to the effect of the Earth’s gravity on the orbital motion and its inertia during satellites, then the satellite gravity can again be dragged back to the surface. For this reason, the satellite has been traveling around 150 miles in orbit or about 17,000 miles per hour. Basically, how much speed will be, depending on how high the satellite is from the Earth. The satellite, located 22, 223 miles above the Earth, rotates the earth at a speed of 700 miles per hour. Earth with 24 hours of satellite


What is satellite work?

1. Astronomy or astronomy research

2. Weather forecasts

3. TV or radio channel, phone, mobile and internet communication technology

4. In the direction of navigation or navigation

5. Inspection – Parikrama (to know enemy position in military field)

6. Far sensitive

7. Search and rescue under soil or water

8. Space Exploration

9. Photographs (This is very important for the government)

10. Hurricanes, cyclones, predictions of natural disasters

11. Nowadays terrorists are using Satellite phones in many remote areas.

12. Global positioning or GPS

13. Do gamma ray barrett detection

14. In addition to nuclear explosions and the upcoming attacks, there will be advance warning about ground forces and other intelligences.

15. Oil, natural gas and various mining detection etc.

16. Create a digital map

17. Monitoring of nuclear monitoring, radar imaging, photography and enemy speed.

Advantages of Bangabandhu Satellite:

1. Satellite channels will not be broadcast from around the world in around 30 satellite channels of the country.

2. Channel cost is $ 20 million or about 17 million taka. The satellite rental will reduce when Bangabandhu Satellite is launched. Then the country’s money will remain in the country.

3. If you can start Bangabandhu Satellite, only foreign currency will not be saved in the country, as well as the amount of money you can earn around 50 million US dollars annually by paying rent in countries like Nepal, Bhutan. Because Bangladesh will use only 20 out of 40 transponders. And the remaining 20 will be given rent.

4. Bangabandhu Communications Satellite Company (BCSB) Limited, the government formed to sell this satellite transporter in Indonesia and Philippines has already started.

5. Internet Bandwidth is another selling product of Bangabandhu Satellite.

6. Get DTH (Direct To Home) services, satellite television broadcasts and internet access.

7. The satellite will also be effective for storm or major disaster management.

8. Bangabandhu-1 satellite can be used for the spread of Internet and banking services, telemedicine and remote education system for the people of under privileged areas.

Some More Details About Bangabandhu Satellite:

1. Satellite of Bangabandhu Satellite Bangladesh.
2. May 10, 2018 Bangladesh’s first satellite Bangabandhu-1 is going to be launched in the US from Florida.

3. Bangabandhu Satellite has been built in France’s Talis Elinya Space Facility.

5. US-based private space exploration and technology company Flexcon 9 rocket of ‘SpaceX’ will fly with the Bangabandhu satellite from the launch pad of Cape Pipavaral in Florida.

6. After the construction, examination, review and transfer, it is sent on the special cargo plane by the launch of the Cape Purchase Vehicle.

7. Ground Station of Bangabandhu Satellite has been set up in Joydebpur of Gazipur district and Batbunia of Rangamati.

8. There will be 40 transponders in the Bangabandhu satellite, 20 of which will be kept for use in Bangladesh and the rest will be possible to earn foreign currency.

9. Bangladesh is entering as the 57th member of the world’s satellites.

10. Total cost of implementation of Bangabandhu-1 satellite project is Tk 2,765 crore Of this, multinational bank HSBC has been giving loan of Tk 1,358 crore as loan.

11. The Bangabandhu satellite will be launched in the air by Falcon-9 rocket from Orlando, America. The Space-X company of America took the responsibility to launch the satellite.

12. After the 2015 agreement, Bangabandhu satellite-1 was ready to reach the space in 2017. But due to unfavorable weather conditions, even after the scheduled day of launch, the year passes.

13. Bangladesh on November 11, 2015 signed a contract to build Bangabandhu Satellite-1 with the Thales Alenya Space in France.

14. The orbital slot is bought from Russia’s Intercotnik for launching the satellite and keeping it in orbit. In space, the orbit of this orbit is 119.1 East longitude. Based on the agreement made in January 2015, this orbit is purchased for approximately 15 years for about 15 million taka.

15. A company called Bangladesh Communications Satellite Company Limited, the first satellite company in Bangladesh to run.

16. The control center of Bangabandhu satellite has been established in 5 acres of the area of about 13 acres in Gazipur.

17. The life expectancy of Bangabandhu Satellite can be extended to 15 years but for 45 years.

18. Weighing 3.7 metric tons means 3700 kg.