5 Budget-Friendly Top Coat Nails Product for Beautiful Finish!

5 Budget-Friendly Top Coat Nails Product for Beautiful Finish!

May 16, 2019 0 By Twuhid

5 Top Coat Nails Product to Get Gorgeous Nails on Point!

Every nail paint lover will have one common thing in their manicure kit, a top coat nails product! It’s a common scenario that your beautiful nail paint got scratched, chipped and completely ruined. We girls experience that a lot. Especially when we don’t care about top coats.

I know some really good quality nail polish do exist with chip resistant and non-scratching features. But they are quite expensive and teens can’t afford these for regular life use.
So, the best way to get rid of such a situation is by buying a proper top coat. I’ll include five top coat reviews that are each really perfect and budget-friendly. Keep on reading!

Important Factors to Focus On!

A nail top coat has so many functions and types. So, it’s important to figure out what functions and type you prefer before buying a certain piece. Here are some factors to help you out.
Quick Dry vs. Glossiness!

There are basically two types of top coats available in today’s market. The first one is going to come with super-fast drying ability. These are really suitable for people who like to change color quite frequently and so they need something with fast drying.

Also, these are hassle free with time-saving benefits. It can easily protect your nails from scratches and smudges when you are in a rush. So, to keep your nail free from damage or quick repairing, you can go for quick dry types of top coat.
But note that the dry fast type of top coats usually come with less shine. These tend to be more on the matte version.
The second type is vice versa, gloss top coats. These are the real beauty adders. It can literally turn your boring shades into something that pours lustrous looks.

Anybody who is more excited about the sheen and shine, buy a top coat with high gloss. I’m sure you’ll love to wait a bit longer for the nice beautiful end results.

Matte or Glitters?

The last layer can actually change the overall look for your nail polish. So, take your time to figure out what finish or texture you prefer more. The dramatic touch a top coat can give is really amazing and thought-provoking.
Some will love the matte finish that reduces luster. Most of the thick gel type top coats can give you the formal but stunning matte look to rock any official event. Also, this type usually has the ability to plump up your nails.
Holographic or glitter version can give a really beautiful glossy texture. There are different choices available for this type and practically most top coats are living a life of such texture. For teens and street look lovers can try adding up some poppy color on their nails and end with the luxurious glossy texture.

Transparent or Color?

Top coats are available with both transparent shades and color options. So, if you are looking for something to only protect but not ruin your existing color from your favorite nail polish bottle, get the transparent one.
On the other side, those who can’t afford time and maintenance, a color or tint version will be the right product you need. It can save a lot of application time and still manage to protect your nails or cuticles.
Safe Ingredients!
There are so many names I can spell that only exist with the identity of a nail top coat. In reality, they only add a gloss or layer above without any protection. These tend to be made of really poor-quality elements. Stay away from such stuff.

One best way to do so is checking out the ingredients. Go for nail top coats that are good and healthy for nails. A top coat should combine ingredients that are safe and nourishing to protect cuticles. A slight chance of harm should not be neglected. Make sure you pay enough attention here.

5 Best Top Coat Nails Product Reviews!

So now you know what factors play an important role while choosing a coat. It’s time for you to get into some of the best topcoat products reviews. I’m sure you can differentiate well on what you need and what you don’t. Keep that list in mind while reading these top-coat reviews.
Making a final decision based on your preference and suitability is the goal we are leading towards. Let’s get right into it!

Sally Hansen Big Top & Base Coats Nail Polish – The Fabulous Nails Big Cuticle Oil!

Sally Hansen is a reliable manufacturer for nail product that comes with amazing goodies for beauty lovers. Your nails need a proper caring routine to make the nail paint stand out. This big cuticle oil a deserving nominee for best long lasting top coat available in such unbelievable price range.

Sally Hansen Big Top & Base Coats Nail Polish

It comes with a decent 0.4 fluid ounce amount. That’s a lot of product in less than three dollars price range. I am sure for weekly manicure; the amount is going to be quite sufficient and go a long way. You should definitely pick this option if you need something nourishing and healthy for cuticle at the least price.

The fascinating thing about Sally Hansen oil is the fact that it comes with a really nice consistency. Once you apply them, it’s going to dry fast without creating any trouble for smudges and unevenness. You don’t need to be scared of sheet creases anymore. The oil does a great job fixing what it needs to fix.

The cuticles and nails become much softer and smoother after applying the oil. It is really good at absorbing. The whole thing nicely gets soaked within your nails and cuticles in a really less amount of time which makes them super hydrated.
We all know the pain of dehydrated nails which later takes away the shine leaving a really boring nail paint. The strengthening and nourishing big cuticle oil will thoroughly get rid of such problem and you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank either.


  • A perfect pick for regular manicure needs.
  • It comes with quick absorbance ability.
  • The nails look really nourishing and strong.
  • It gives cuticle good hydration.
  • The price is extremely reasonable.


  • The matte finish becomes glossy after a few days.


It’s not the very best cuticle oil, but in the price range, it’s definitely the most suitable one for a proper manicure. If you want to have a budget-friendly option that supports and strengthens your nails with the correct amount of nourishing and hydration then Sally Hansen cuticle oil will do great.


Gellen Top Coat And Base Coat for Gel Polish – The Best Base Coat for Long-lasting Shine Finish!

I am a great lover of mirror glaze nail paint looks. It’s the preferable look with summer nail colors. The Gellen has the very right base coat and top coat dual pack for people like us. If you want something really suitable for glossy and long-lasting finishes under ten dollars then this should be your first pick.

Gellen Top Coat And Base Coat for Gel Polish
The amazing top coat nails product come with two 8 ml bottles. It’s a low amount I know. But one proper application goes a long way, almost two weeks. Of course, you need to apply with gentle and gradual steps. You can nail down your gel polishes without the fear of cracking or shabby painting.

The basic application includes one coat of base coat following up with your preferable gel nail polish of two coatings. Next, you just end up with the top coat. The finishing look is going to make you buy it again and again. Well, that’s how most users feel about this really popular beauty goodie.

The mirror shine finish is also really long-lasting. Don’t freak out about wondering if the gloss will remain the same. Because it actually stays just as healthy as day one. However, the manufacturer mentions to cure it under UV or LED lamp.

The ingredients are really safe plus healthy. So, your nails and cuticles are going to enjoy the nourishing benefits too. Also, it comes with a very low amount of smell. I know some of us can’t deal with nail paint smells because of migraine and headaches.


  • It’s really easy to remove.
  • The base coat is healthy and nourishing.
  • The ingredients are super safe.
  • It comes with less smell.
  • The finish is mirror-like and long-lasting.


  • Comes in a really low amount

So, anybody who wants to have a perfect combo for mirror glaze nail looks, invest a little amount for this cost-effective nail coats. I’m sure you would love the healthy-looking nail paint that stays even with a long-lasting finish.

Gellen 3D Cat Eye Colors Gel Nail Polish Set – Easy on The Pocket with 6 bottles Set!

Next product is also from Gellen. I want to include a really beautiful set of gel nail polishes that comes with the amazing 3D cat eye look. It’s really unique and gives a perfect polishing for nails design! A set that comes with six quality gel polishes for a really reasonable price below twenty dollars, Sounds amazing right?

Gellen 3D Cat Eye Colors Gel Nail Polish Set
If you love cat eye stones then you definitely know how trendy the nail look is these days. The set is one of the seven options from Gellen that dedicates to 3D cat eye theme. You can go for another design as well if it suits your taste.

The gel nail polish will need only two thin coats after you apply one base coat. The set includes a magnetic wand that you can use for curing and your cat eye look is ready to slay. Finish up with a top coat, curing under LED and nice filing routine.

If you follow a proper application then this gel nail polishes will stay good for almost two weeks. This point makes up for the little issue about one bottle coming with only 8 ml of product. That amount would sound less to you but if you consider the pricing, I think we can deal with it.


  • It comes with a mirror shine finish.
  • There are six more designs available.
  • The price is very reasonable.
  • It needs only a minute to remove.
  • Lasts up to two weeks.


  • The color might differ a bit sometimes.

Cat eye is one of the trendiest nail arts that teens and adults are hyping up a lot. Getting six different shades in one reasonable bundle can bring you convenience and beauty both together. So, if that’s the kind of offer you are looking for, there is no reason to decline it.

SecheVite Top Nail Coat – Best Top Coat with Dry Fast Feature!

It’s time to shout out for a premium quality top coat option that has received immense love from lots of user around the world. SecheVite top nail coats are really preferable and popular for its dry fast and long-lasting effects that make room for silky smooth nails and cuticles.

SecheVite Top Nail Coat
You need to make sure the nail polish you apply stays even for a good amount of time. Make it super durable with this coat and you’ll love the results.

It comes with three convenient size option. It’s not very cheap but quite reasonable for the quality undoubtedly. The three sizes vary from 0.125 oz. to dual bottle packs. You can choose one depending on your frequency of use.
The gloss and shine are really durable. You can even apply one coat without any nail polish and enjoy a healthy simplistic look. It gives a silky canvas to make your nail polish strokes plain and smooth. Also, you can easily carry one for the travel-friendly size options.

Moreover, this is a great top coat choice that includes UV features. Your nails will be protected from the fear of getting yellowish with gorgeous looking, strong cuticles. Even if the price isn’t low like the above three, it definitely is worthy for the superior single-procedure quality and one of the best top coat for nails.


  • The size options are really travel-friendly.
  • It prevents nails from getting yellow.
  • Leaves a silky surface for better nail painting.
  • The shine stays for a long time.
  • It dries really fast.


  • The price might sound expensive to a few.

SecheVite is a widely known top coat formula to try for durable finishes of any kind of nail paint or gel. It comes with helpful ingredients to keep your cuticles strong and chip-resistant with the non-yellowing after results.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat – The Duo for Matte-Shiny Top Nails!

Miracle Gel top coat is actually a part of the two-step manicure system that Sally Hansen brand talks about. It’s one of the best manicuring methods without the need for a UV lamp. With a chip-resistant quality and nice finishing touch, it’s a great choice for everyday life.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top CoatThis popular top coat nails product comes with patented tube technology. The technology works for providing high actives loading into the nails. So that your nails can enjoy beautiful durability along with shiny-glossy gel finish.

The topcoat also includes a photoinitiator formula. This makes sure you get a really nice effect in natural light with oligomer. So that your nails strike with the highest score in your everyday looks.
It comes with two bottles; one stands for a shiny look and the other is basically on the matte side. You can choose any one or both while making a purchase.

For a simple application, just go with your regular gel polish and let it sit for around five minutes. Now you can put on some of these coats to finish it off in minutes.

It only needs these two simple steps and you are all done for the whole day. You can avoid chips and breaking nails with the coat since it comes with strong ingredients. Also, it needs really hassle-free steps to easily remove within minutes.





  • There are two finishes available to choose from.
  • It is quick and fast to apply.
  • The nail polish is more chip resistant.
  • Dries off really fast.
  • Needs less hassle to remove.


  • The applicator might not suit a few people.

So, if you are deciding to go for this Elle Beauty Grand Prix Award winner top coat choice then be sure you are making a good choice. With fast dry up, two-step application and No-UV-Lamp features, Miracle gel top coat is an excellent pick undeniably.

Bonus: Some Cool Manicure Tips With Top Coats!

Before applying top coats or nail paint make sure to cut and shape your nails.

An edge that hangs nail bits look horrible and can disturb while putting coats. Make sure you buff the edge properly.
You can push the cuticles and try some filing before putting a polish or coat. This will make the surface better prepare.
Soaking your nails in water can expand the area. Also, try some alcohol or remover wiping to avoid chipping and drying out.

Don’t shake the bottle before every use. Do this occasionally. Otherwise, it might create bubbles inside the polish or coat.

When applying coats, don’t put thick layers. Instead, try two thin layers. This will avoid any smudge or unevenness.
Apply coats in three gentle and gradual strokes for better application.
You should not use heat. Instead, go for cold water dipping or simple air-dry method.
Once you make a mistake, fix it as soon as possible before it dries out.
Don’t be lazy over regular manicure maintenance if you want beautiful and healthy-looking nails.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do your nails have to be to get acrylics?

Acrylic nail designs are really pretty and fascinating these days. Some worry about the right nail length to get these. In reality, the length hardly matters. You should have a sufficient amount to stick the acrylic nails, that’s it!
Some people prefer keeping longer nails while a few are good with a half cm of free edge short nails. However, for shorter length nails, you need to maintain them with more care. Why? Because the chances of breaking become high.

What is the most popular nail color right now?

There are so many trendy top nails colors in paint and gel forms that are popping every girl’s vision right now. Some of the coolest shades are oxblood and navy. If you prefer brighter shades, orange or pastel pink can light you up.
Also, you can try dove gray, neoprene pink, metallic, pop red, sheer blush and so on. These shades are grabbing a lot of attention in the middle of 2019. Choose anything that goes well with your personality and skin tone.

Does white nail polish look good on dark skin?

There are some fashion riskers who will go for the bright white shades with really dark skin and people appreciate. However, this is not necessary since dark skin tone have some of the prettiest nail paints colors available in their list of “suitable”.

But if you still are a huge white lover and can’t stay away, I’ve got some good shades for you. Someone with dark to medium skin tone can try sheer white. For tannish dark skin, marshmallow color nail polish can grab a lot of attention. Nude white can also look really classy on anyone.

What are the best nail colors for winter?

Winter is a season when colors that brings calmness and stillness goes really well. Try light blue or silver sparkle nail paints. If you like glitter or nail art, dark blue can make your nails stand out in cold weather. Deep reds and greens also create a formal look suitable for winter wind.

When to apply top coat nails product?

You can apply a top coat after putting on your favorite nail polish or gel. But one mistake that you need to avoid is wearing coats right after nail polish application.
Give some time to your nail polish to dry up. Otherwise, there are chances of ruining the whole nail art. Also, it can smudge nail polish paint.

So, take some time and wait for your color to dry off completely. After that put one layer of top coat and you are ready to rock the look.

Bidding Bye!

Looks like we are at the end of today’s topic. Hopefully, these top coat nails products I suggested will include the one you are looking for. Think about your needs and preference. Consider your budget. Know what type of finish and texture you need to have.
I’m sure with proper research you’ll be able to meet your perfect match really soon. Don’t be too quick and give yourself enough time to make the right decision. The last layer of the top coat is going to save you from a bad nail look. Good