Forney Welder Reviews 2019: a world-class Welder Brand Rated

Forney Welder Reviews 2019: a world-class Welder Brand Rated

May 10, 2019 0 By Twuhid

From 1936, Forney is one brand which has solely focused on welding machines and accessories. And after 90 years of constant innovation and improvement, we can see the result in a vast range of winning welder models in the market.
If you’ve been an admirer of this brand as we are, this review is solely for you. Go through our handpicked 3 Forney Welders reviews, which are done by keeping beginner and professional welders in mind.

Let’s get going-

#1. Forney Easy Weld 261, 140 FC-i MIG Welder

As long as professional welding is taken into consideration, MIG welding is the best type of welding form ever. As long as we’re seeking a quality MIG welder under the brand name of Forney, the Forney Easy Weld 261, 140 FC-i MIG Welder comes at the first place.

 Forney Easy Weld 261, 140 FC-i MIG Welder
It’s a semi-professional grade portable MIG welder with a decent output of 140 amp. Along with several accessories material, this will undoubtedly be in your shortlist of best Forney welder of MIG type.
Let’s have a look at its features and benefits-
Features and Benefits
Smooth Control over the Wire Feed
One of the unique facts about this model is, Forney had to take special care of the wire feeding system of this welder machine. It uses a flux core wire of a size range of 0.30 inches to 0.35 inches.

Not only that, the infinite voltage control and the smooth wire feeding had taken its appeal to the next level — such a delight for any professional welder.

Up to 140 Amp of Output

When you’re talking about a semi-professional grade welder within a low budget, you can hardly expect a high amp output from it. But as a matter of fact, Forney seems to do some real wonder there!

This MIG welder can provide the highest output of 140 amp, which is constant for a long duty cycle as well.

Weighs only 19 Pounds

This portable MIG type welder is quite easy to carry around. In case you’ve worked around a remote area with no static settlement, this 19-pound model will give you a hand.

While carrying around, the welder should be provided with safety from outdoor hazards. Therefore, it’s rugged by an all-metal sheet. So, if something substantial falls upon this welder, it won’t harm the insider parts and delicate electronics.

Comes with a Handful of Welding Accessories

Nothing is capable enough unless or until you equip it up with essential accessories, and no exception with the welding machine as well. From that point of view, this Forney Easy Weld 261, 140 FC-i MIG Welder will get a letter grade, however.

There isn’t an 8 inches MIG gun, 8 inches ground clamp, handle, torch wrap in the handle, 20A adapter to power it up and so on. All of these are essential add-ons and accessories to go for a smooth, hassle-free welding operation.


  1. Compatible with 0.30-0.35 inches flux core wires.
  2. Output limit is 140 amp at the high end.
  3. Light in weight, only 19 pounds in total.
  4. It is coated with a metal case for protection and safety.
  5. Contains an 8 inches MIG gun.
  6. Also comes with an 8 inches ground clamp.
  7. Safe to use for the long duty cycle.



Not A1 usability for new welders out there.

#2. Forney 318 190-Amp MIG Welder

No matter whichever brand we talk about, there are many brands which offer a combo welder of both Mig and Tig type welding. But that’s not the thing you always want. Sometimes, you want a combo of Mig welding and Flux core welding.
If you’re looking for something likely, the Forney 318 190-Amp MIG Welder is for you. This stands to be our second best, and here goes the detail-

 Forney 318 190-Amp MIG Welder
Features and Benefits

Can Weld-Up to ⅜ Inches
The first question popping up in your mind is how much it can weld in terms of thickness? Well, the standard demand says its ⅜ inches of depth with every kind of usual welding metals. There is stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum and so on- which are capable of being welded with this MIG welder.

190 Amp High-Level Outputs

When it comes to the performance and amount of welding load that a welder can carry, it’s always indicated by the output. The amp output for this Forney 318 is 190 ampere, which is more than enough. Especially, heavyweight welding chores which need constant support can be well done with this welder machine.

Several User-friendly Features

To make this welder easy and convenient to use, there are a lot of features that are taken care of. Thanks to Forney, the manufacturer.
There is a spool gun feature, a long torch which is quick and easy to connect, extra long cord, aluminum feed, holder with geared facility for the aluminum feed and so on.

Both MIG and Flux Type Welder

MIG welding, which refers to using metal active gas welding, where the electrode or workpiece metal is from inert gas processing. On the other hand, Flux welding or Flux Core welding is quite a semi-automatic process of welding, where it requires a constant voltage supply.

Luckily, this welder is s compatible for both of these welding types!


  1. Can weld a lot of metals.
  2. The maximum thickness is ⅜ inches.
  3. Both MIG and Flux Core welding capacity.
  4. Comes with a Euro connect MIG gun.
  5. Comes with an Inert gas regulator.
  6. Provides high output as 190 amp.


Runs on 230V only.

#3. Forney Easy Weld 271, 140 MP Welder

The last pick from the welding inventory of Forney is, their newly released TIG welder with the name of Forney Easy Weld 271, 140 MP Welder. It’s quite expensive if you take the price of the previous two models into consideration. But once we are done with explaining its features and benefits, you will understand why the price of this model is impossible to keep low.

Forney Easy Weld 271, 140 MP Welder
Let’s go through the features one by one-

Features and Benefits
It’s a 3 in 1 Welder

At first place, we tagged it up as a TIG type welder. Although that’s the primary identity of this welder, that’s not all we’ve to say. It’s also able to execute MIG type welding and Stick type welding as well.

However, the important thing is, you might need to buy additional accessories to make can do TIG type welding anyway.

Easy to Start Switch

If a welding machine takes a fortune to start, that’s not something that a professional welder would like to deal with. To make sure that doesn’t happen with this model, there is a quick starting mechanism.

In case you want to change the welding process quickly, there is a switch for that as well. So switching among the TIG welding, the MIG welding, and the Stick welding won’t be a hassle at all.

Built and Coated for Safety

While working under the open sky or even in the garage, something substantial can fall onto your favorite welding machine. IF the machine is not provided with ample safety, it will catch up with some severe damages that you can’t undo.

To make sure that doesn’t happen with your welder, there is a coated metal shield along with this machine. Also, there is a full metal wire drive assembly to make its usability even better.

A handful of Accessories with 10 Inches MIG Gun

To make it able to execute MIG welding without any hardship, there is a 10 inches MIG gun provided with this model. Also, there are some more accessories, where the 8 inches electrode holder, 8 inches ground clamp, handles with torch grip and so on. To power it up easily from any AC outlet, there is a 20A to 15A adapter provided with it.

140 Amp Output

For a welding machine of such price, the 140 amp output might seem a bit low. But trust up when we say that, it’s well enough for professional and industrial grade welding. While handling any usual size of electrodes, this will do just fine with the flow.


  1. 3 in 1 multi-purpose welding solution.
  2. Quick start with quick switching between the welding modes.
  3. Infinite voltage with smooth control over the weld.
  4. Wire feed speed control for perfect welding.
  5. Rugged and robust metal coat for protection.
  6. Quite lightweight and comfortable to use.
  7. Comes with 10 inches MIG gun and 8 inches electrode holder.
  8. Comes with a handle with torch wrap included into it.
  9. Smart, durable adapter for quick powering up.


  1. The too high price tag for a beginner welder.
  2. TIG welding gear is needed to be bought separately.

About Forney Welders

The company is named after JD Forney, who founded the company back in 1936. The 90 years old company started its journey with a couple of successful 110V and 150amp welder machines, which let the welders work outside the garage or workshop. Right from there, they’ve paved a long way into the industry, and today, they are one of the top names in the game.

At 1930, the induced up arc welding, and few successful models come up from their inventory. Eventually, they’ve got to produce all-purpose welders, which have several modern successors.

Some of their new modes are Forney C-5, Forney IG Arc Ton and so on. And the modern models that they have is-

  1. Forney Easy Weld 261, 140 FC-i MIG Welder
  2. Forney 318 190-Amp MIG Welder
  3. Forney Easy Weld 271, 140 MP Welder
  4. Forney 190 MP & 140 MP Welders
  5. Forney 270 MIG Welder
  6. Forney 242 Dual MIG Welder

How we wrote this review?

While going through the process of selecting the best Forney welder reviews of 2019, we’ve to keep several facts in mind. Here is a list-

  • The Diversity in Function
  • Welders nowadays are capable of providing 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 welding mood variation. So, we’ve considered that for every model out there.
  • Real Expert’s Analysis Report
  • We’ve taken the reports of both out in house product analyst, and the guest analyst before preparing the final review.
  • User’s Experience
  • We’ve gone through hundreds of user’s reviews online to understand how users feel about each of these models.
    Final Verdict
  • There are dozens of brands in the market, but as they’ve solely focused on welding products and accessories, they’ll deserve some real appreciation. Hopefully, this Forney welder reviews had been useful for you!