How To Believe in Yourself : The Ultimate Guide To Self-Confidence

How To Believe in Yourself : The Ultimate Guide To Self-Confidence

September 17, 2019 0 By Abdur Rob Badhon

Belief in yourself is a state of mind.

Once a wise man said,
No matter how much creativity or creativity potential our soul has, no matter what our world of possibilities may be, without self-confidence it will never be able to become a reality.

Belief in oneself is our inner state, our life position. Either a person can believe in his or her ability to succeed or, instead, assume the fact that he or she is not fit for anything. If he sees himself as rich and prosperous in his thoughts, he will be able to work smarter & harder. He will be able to give more effort into everything. As the Quran says:

As the Quran says:
“Whatever man has is the result of his own efforts and he will soon see his endeavor (in full form)” (Qur’an, 53:39-40)
 Belief in yourself  – is the belief that makes a person think that everything will work out. Confidence in the face is a big challenge, a quite difficult task. This is the starting point of any success.

Belief in oneself gives a person a great power, endless inner energy, which allows you to reach incredible peaks, to do what will be impossible for other people. Huge self-confidence and self-belief is an indomitable inner core, which will not allow a person to break, surrender, retreat from their goals under any pressure of external circumstances.

 Faith  – from the word to believe. Belief in yourself means trusting yourself and also other people. But in order to learn to trust others, you must first learn to believe in yourself. Otherwise, it is impossible to trust someone else, and you, too, will not be able to trust the people around you. Belief in yourself is necessary for a successful life in general.

Belief in yourself is a real gold nugget of all the useful qualities that we possess. You can be the smartest and most beautiful person, a strong athlete or an inventive entrepreneur, but without faith in yourself, all these properties of a person will never be able to prove themselves in full measure.

Self Confidence is the foundation, the fertile ground on which the tree of your success grows, both in the professional field and in personal life. It is closely related to such concepts as self-esteem and self-respect, the foundations of which are laid in deep childhood. Belief in yourself is essential for a successful life in general.

All people are equal, the difference is only in their attitude to themselves, to the world and in what they think they feel and also what thoughts, emotions they let in their lives. As a result, some have a successful, comprehensively saturated life, while others experience the entire spectrum of negativity in their lives. The ability to be a gray mouse or a successful and bright personality is not embedded in the genes, it depends on the right attitude to yourself, which can form on everyone.

If you want to achieve something, then start building a new life, only out of faith in yourself and that everything can be born only from this very beginning.


One of the main reasons for feeling insecure is the complexes you have ever received from your experiences. Some people have complexes thought with defects in appearance, others might have formed complexes in school years when a very important role played the opinion of society. It is possible and necessary to fight with complexes.

Look at the famous people who have already made their dreams come true and achieved success in life, look at the movie stars, famous big businessmen and politicians. They are all united by the fact that they are all very confident people. They, like all people, have disadvantages, but they turn them into their own merits or at least make them insignificant, thanks to their self-confidence.

Confidence does not come to us from birth. It accumulates with a positive experience, grows from success, decreases from failures and constantly changes over time. In childhood, love, assessment, attention of parents begin to form a child’s faith or disbelief in themselves. Further on, the belief in themselves is influenced by success in learning, teamwork, the attitude of peers and teachers, work-life or even personal life.

Everyone knows that to succeed in life, this confidence is necessary. So what prevents us from becoming a confident and successful person. If you understand that the feeling of insecurity prevents you from spreading your wings, you need to start to grow confidence inside yourself.
One of the ways to develop self-confidence is to take a piece of paper and write on it all your positive qualities, both external and quality of your character. Try to find at least 15 positive qualities in yourself. And now look at this list. As many as 15(and maybe more) positive qualities! You can be proud of yourself for this. Praise yourself for these qualities! And every time your self-confidence decreases, read this list over and over again. You are unique and you have something to be proud of!

Remember this.
Of course, you also have to remember that there will be no stunning results for the first time. Developing self-confidence is a meticulous and time-consuming process.


Optimism is a way of perceiving the world. The view of the society essentially influences what feelings the person feels and what thoughts are born at him right under the influence of obvious events. Optimistic people usually expect from the future only good things, and when there is trouble – believe that the situation will soon change for the better.

When a person believes in a favorable outcome of the case and believes that it is in his power to influence the result, it is reflected in the development of events and results. Optimism strengthens self-confidence.

People who are optimistic about things are usually happy with their lives and are also resilient to difficulties and are more productive than pessimists. They more often manage to create a harmonious environment in the team and effectively manage others and also have a higher life expectancy. They overcome diseases more quickly.

A positive view of the world and self-confidence are not enough to form an optimistic approach to life. It is also necessary that the goals we set for ourselves are realistic, not ghostly, and that we understand how we intend to achieve them. Optimism requires a belief in the practicability of dreams. We must perceive our vision as achievable. If our dreams seem to be detached from reality, we are unlikely to be optimistic and thus lose the benefits of spiritual growth.



The source of your beliefs about politics, money, society and the world at large lies outside of you, from your parents, teachers, friends, and the media. Often they are:

  • Do not talk to strangers – they are bad.
  • Money is the root of evil.
  • If you do not succeed in school, you will not achieve anything in life.
  • To get a good job, you have to go to college.

Most people have never made their own beliefs, and they fed us those beliefs from diapers.

Anyone can become happy. It all depends on his thinking, on his thoughts. They become the beliefs that form negative or positive impulses from us into our environment, attracting relevant events into our lives.

If a woman firmly believes that there are no good men and no one else to marry, she will never meet a normal man and she will never get married. With this way of thinking, her brain will find thousands of reasons and reservations to reject any potential groom and exclude any possibility of marriage.

In the same way, you can reason and give examples of work, money, opportunities, etc. We attract to ourselves what is in our thoughts and makes up our beliefs.

There is one simple but very effective way to make yourself believe that everything will be okay – it is auto training. Nothing is more effective or easier to come up with yet.

The effect of auto training is that if you repeat a positive statement many times, it is absorbed into the person at the subconscious level. All you need to do is to develop a positive attitude in the present time and repeatedly repeat it, 100 – 200 or more times a day. 80% of successful and famous people use this method.

First, through force, through not wanting, your positive beliefs (affirmations) will penetrate into your brain, into the hidden corners of your subconscious, forming your new beliefs. A little by little, your negative way of thinking will move to another plane, and then the positive changes in your life will begin. Your destiny will begin to change, you will start to make it yourself.

Examples of affirmations:

  • I will be hired for a job that I like.
  • I am able to earn a lot.
  • I am confident in myself.
  • I will succeed.
  • I have an easy and confident gait.
  • I am charming and attractive.

Two-three months of such statements every day and a miracle can happen. It doesn’t matter if you listen to it or repeat it mentally, read it. The main thing is to do it and believe in what you are doing.


People in their majority are divided into  two groups:  those who believe in themselves and their strength, and those who simply do not have this faith. Some are successful in life, while others, having folded their feet, are floating with the current in the hope that fate itself will lead them into the world of happiness. If you want to do serious deeds, solve important problems and be able to achieve considerable heights in life, you need, first of all, to learn to believe in yourself.

Belief in yourself distinguishes a successful person from a loser. Only self-confidence can turn a barely noticeable path into a reliable way to the intended goal. Makes it possible to “get out into people”, to achieve self-respect and well-deserved recognition from others.

Opportunities pass you by, career and money pass you by, you spoil your health and lead a grey way of life. Your uncertainty keeps you at the very bottom of your life and agrees that I am not exaggerating now. Uncertain people are the most miserable.

Everyone needs to believe in themselves. It is like a guiding star that helps to move on in life without looking back at the voices of wrongdoers, without losing course in the confusion of false goals and not stumbling over failures and problems.

To know where to go, let’s determine what internal attitudes are inherent in an individual with a positive attitude and self-confidence:

1.  Everything is done for the better.  Where you are at the moment is the result of your actions in the past. Only by taking full responsibility for everything that happens in your life will you be able to become freer and stronger. The current situation in life is the best at the moment of all the options that could be. Remember that there are no bad situations – there is only our attitude towards them. Change your attitude and new opportunities for solving problems will open up.

2.  Accept yourself as you are.  In order to believe in yourself, you must first accept yourself as you are. You cannot believe that you cannot fully accept it. If you don’t have it, it means that you reject a part of yourself, perhaps even hating some of your qualities. It is impossible to believe what you do not like. Therefore, you have no other way to gain self-respect than to love yourself completely and without residue, with all your advantages and disadvantages.

3.  To live by your own purposes.  Make an inventory of the goals that stand before you for a year, for five years, in general in life. Evaluate each of them. Determine whether this is really your goal or it is the goal imposed on you by your half, the boss, the environment? You can only begin to believe in yourself if you are completely honest with yourself and live your life. You can’t spend your life fulfilling other people’s desires and respecting yourself in doing so.

4.  Mistakes are experiences.  You should treat mistakes as a useful experience. You should not suffer and blame yourself for making mistakes rather learn a useful lesson from each mistake. The more mistakes you make, the more experience you will gain. Before inventing the bulb, Thomas Edison made 10,000 unsuccessful attempts.

5. Remove any doubts.  They are dirty, they can and should be disposed of. When you have doubts in your head, just fire them by saying, “I’ll take note of your concerns about… (something) and release you from your duties. You are fired! Play this game with fun and you’ll see how easy it will be for you.

6.  Do not compare yourself with others.  Yours: appearance, achievements, profit, success and everything else in no way should be compared with others. Competition is the main factor in destroying your self-confidence. If you are constantly comparing yourself with others and at the same time trying to prove yourself to everyone, you will always be at a loss. As people, in most cases, hide their essence. Everyone has their own way, their own goals, and sense of achievements. Don’t waste your time, emotions and strength running races with others, otherwise, your whole life will be in the skin of a racehorse, driven by the whip of vanity and spurs of ambition.

7. Have an opinion.  A man lives in society, he can’t live without society and the opinion of the majority is very important to him. But not always someone else’s opinion is correct and not everyone gives advice in good faith. Stop relying on the opinion of the majority, always the last word should remain with you, it is your life and no one will live it for you.

8. Remember your victories more often.  Luck is very inspiring – even if it was in the past. Experience your big-time anew. Make a list of achievements and periodically review it. This will increase your self-esteem and prepare the ground for new victories. You should also decide for yourself what a realistic and achievable goal you know to be. Start with a small but achievable step. We believe in ourselves when we can touch the result, hold it in our hands. The most reasonable move is to achieve some result, to begin with.
Often the belief in yourself disappears, after numerous defeats. But after several victories, it follows that, in order to cheer yourself up and believe in your strength. Sometimes it is enough to get a few small victories or sense of achievement.

9.  The right environment Surround yourself with people who are close in spirit. If you want to become rich, communicate more with businessmen and millionaires. Belief in yourself is strengthened by people whose inner values are close to yours. These people will support you on your journey to achieve your goals. Help you with advice, and keep your hands full.

I wish you to always believe in yourself, your strength and always achieve your goals!