What should Parents do when a Teenager falls in love?

What should Parents do when a Teenager falls in love?

March 25, 2018 0 By abnidaala

Sania (pseudonym) reads the ninth grade. For a while, she is in friendship with the 10th class Naim of his school. There was a mutual fascination. They first met in a function of the school and have talked with each other for a while. And they have been friends Since then, one has started to like each other more. If both are close, then what is the power of lightning in their mind? Looks like love!

Adolescence or in the age of impression may work like this trend. Some of these are in love. There is a change in the body and mind of teenage or 13 to 19 years of age. Estrogen and testosterone hormones, endorphins, norepinephrine, dopamine, serotonin, and many other brain components (neurotransmitters), cause a significant change in emotion. As a result, the opposite sex occurs in the mind of two people; One feels special tension towards each other.

Three main components of love or love – intimacy, passion, and commitment are made up of them. The effects of hormonal and neurotransmitters were born between two teenage teens and teenage girls. This tension is not always a love, but it is seen that intimacy is increasing due to the excitement but there is no obligation in each other; As a result, it can not be truly loved. It’s just fun, eating crashes or making fun.

Emotions are shocking at an early age. Suddenly one feels very good to one. I think life without him is meaningless. All arguments, the reality is lost by emotion. Loving passion such as the uprising, the anger of anger and jealousy etc. is often the uncontrolled expression of emotion. So the people want to get the desired people themselves. At this time, if the third person chooses the likes of a loved one or breaks the relationship for some reason, then anger and envy become overwhelming. It is very important to maintain emotion during this time. Angered by anger and anger, it can make the worst decision of Teenage mind. Selecting different approaches to removing the opponent from the earth or controlling them as births. The teenage gang ever created. From teaming up and using firearms from grouping! Therefore, in this age, of course, emotions should be restrained.

Teenage relationships, emotional relationships among children of teenage juveniles are not uncommon. At this age, emotional changes may occur due to physical and emotional changes. Parents, school teachers often consider this relationship a major offense among young people. Want to stop getting excited? Without explaining the matter, without telling them, a teenager can hurt but mentally if the relationship is not really loving or not. Parents and teachers must carefully intervene in this matter.

What will parents do? or What should Parents do when a Teenager falls in love?

First of all, parents should remember that this emotional relationship is not a crime at the age of teenage. Love, fascination or real love can happen at this age. First analyze this relationship is really love, or a temporary love or fascination. If it is only good or fascinating, then explain to the child openly why his love will not be durable. And if they think they have mutual obligations about it, then value their relationship. But always will encourage their education. The relationship does not appear to be bigger than their studies.

Never be angry with your child’s relationship, do not get excited. Talk about them with a nice inner family environment. Spend quality time with the child. Tell him your views. Encourage him to make a decision by discussing good and bad relations and encouraging the education to be of paramount importance. Do not make adverse or uncomfortable comments without knowing about the child with whom the child has a relationship, do not threaten him or his family.

If necessary, discuss your child and his or her favorite partner together. Do not let the child stay busy on mobile for long, it may be a technology-addict. If you think your child is involved in a hazardous nature, then explain to him the dangers of danger. Do not succumb to the child’s anger or abusive behavior. Do not force her into a relationship with a loved one to distance her away from the child. Gradually give him an explanation of scientific sex education according to the child’s age.

Young people have problems with ‘love’

Unilateral love

One may be in love with another person, but the other person has no response from the other side. Then there may be frustration, emotional outbursts of emotions in the love-hateful boy or girl.

Not being permanent

Due to lack of accountability in this relationship or for a while, it seems good to go away from someone else for some reason. The relationship does not last. Then someone’s mind broke. The storm starts in mind.

Jealousy and anger

If there is a mental distance with the person who feels good or the presence of the third person in the relationship between the two, jealousy and anger arise. Aggressive behavior can be seen because of the lack of maturity and anger of the underprivileged. Evergreen embezzlement is sometimes used to attack, attack, even kill.

Own loss

If you have a relationship with people of choice or break relationships, eat a lot of sleeping pills, cut hands and feet, burn your hands.


There is actually a few things a parents has to do when a child falls in love! and “What should Parents do when a Teenager falls in love?“- is a question like what should a human do when he needs to eat food. It’s a natural period of time in human life.